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Our Commitment

Our concern is to develop sustainable products that meet both practical need and expectation of clients. We are committed to produce environmentally kind products by using effective and appropriate materials. Also, the design of each product is incorporated with great environmental thinking. Simple design & structure help in reducing the use of material and waste of material in the production work. We look at the chemistry of material as well, and select safe and healthy inputs for the products. Modular design of our furniture enables easy & quick reconfiguration, as most components can be reused to meet the demand of dynamic and evolving business work.

The chief concern of Sunon is about sustainable development

The company prefers a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to assess product’s effect on the environment during its numerous stages, spanning from materials selection to design, development, delivery and uses. The design in any kind of component of TOFARCH product and its related accessories is based on the thought of environmental preservation from the very start of the process, not as an afterthought.


Plain structure and simple design of products decrease the using of extra materials, thus lowering down wastes in manufacturing. Besides that the company acquired thorough knowledge of the chemistry of materials and chooses the materials which are safe and wholesome. In addition to that it preferes material with useful recycled content including die cast aluminum steel par, and easy to recycle materials like extruded aluminum and fabric.

Manufacturing and package

The company has designed the product line to cut down the material wastage, higher consumption of energy and impact on environment. The remnants of steel part is smeared by powder and then processed by VOC-free, to decrease the generation of chemicals and gases which affect the environment. Light knock-down packaging system uses minimal packaging material, and saves energy consumed in transportation.


The modular design of structure allows the easy and quick reconfiguration as the most of components can be re-utilized, to cater to the requirement of developing and growing business work. As a result, the service life of various components can be boosted.

End of life management

At the end of functional life of products, the company can help one figure out an environment-friendly disposable solutions and accountable systems encompassing re-cycling, refurbishing, reselling and voluntarily giving to NGOs. To better endorse its 3Rs : Re-cycling, Refurbishing and Reselling, this strategy emphasizes that components can be fabricated in a design that allows easy and convenient dis-assemblage.   

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